We Are Your Tri-State Architectural Signage Firm


We Design, Install, Consult and Manufacture Custom Signs.

Custom Architectural Signage

We use a variety of materials and techniques to create your custom architectural signs.

rpmidentity, inc. ensures the effectiveness of our services to meet your signage requirements.

rpmidentity, inc. constantly keeps up with today’s technology in custom signage. We use a variety of materials and techniques to create your a custom signs design that complements and increases visibility in your facility.

ADA Compliance/Wayfinding:

With our extensive ADA compliance code knowledge, we can provide a complete Wayfinding and identity system that can meet your ADA requirements.

Budget Development:

We are frequently asked to help develop budgets as part of our services. Our estimating team brings over 30 years of experience and will help you meet your budget needs.

Design Services:

We can offer design services so you can create a statement about the nature of your business and communicate effectively the dimensional characteristics of your institution. The goal of rpmidentity, inc. is to provide a mutual collaboration between a client’s initial concept and the final three-dimensional product produced.

Detail Specification Drawings:

Our graphics department can provide you with detailed drawings and renderings upon request for better visualization.

Digital Printing:

We offer high quality digital color imaging for many graphic applications. We can recommend the best solutions available for your digital printing needs.


We can install from the simplest vinyl application to an intricate dimensional letter installation. We bring to life a growing variety of installation techniques by combining our knowledge and experience in the industry. rpmidentity, inc. has gained the reputation of understanding the importance of a perfect installation and can troubleshoot and repair all types of signs.

Project Management:

We manage fast track projects with complex needs and short time frames. Our expertise provides current ADA regulations, Fire Codes and professional presentations before Zoning and Planning Boards.


Whatever your design needs may be, rpmidentity, inc. can adapt to any vinyl application. With our extensive experience with vinyl, we can apply from your simplest vinyl graphic, to a more complex application such as vinyl frosting on glass for an entire corporate office facility. In addition to standard vinyl, we can install the latest in technology using 3M Scotchprint. Applicable to an array of surfaces, it can be used for wall muralswindow displays and vehicle graphics. 3M Scotchprint can be an alternative and or an addition to standard vinyl.